Exporting Tests for Desire2Learn

Follow these steps to create a test in TestGen and transfer it into the Desire2Learn learning management system (LMS) as a quiz.

1.  Choose the Desire2Learn Test Type and Create a Test

  1. Select "New test" from the File menu. On the Startup screen, click Web Test. Then choose the Desire2Learn option and click OK.

  2. Create the test, whether choosing from a testbank or adding your own questions.

2.  Export the Test from TestGen as a .Zip File

  1. Select "Export" from the File menu, select the Desire2Learn option from the drop-down menu, and click OK.

  2. Save the test export file as a zip file. Review the filename and destination where the .zip file will be saved. (By default, the name matches its original .TST file and the location is the TestGen "Tests" folder.) You can change the destination, if desired, but note that you will later need to locate the file during the import process into Desire2Learn.

3.  Import the Test into Desire2Learn

  1. Log in on your Desire2Learn LMS and navigate to your course.

  2. Select "Edit." Then select "Import/Export/Copy Components."

  3. Choose "Import Components" and locate the .zip file that you exported from TestGen.

  4. Click "Start" and follow the instructions on the screen. The questions will import as a Quiz.